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- In Albacete, land of long tradition in knives, the sporting knives company, well-known today as MIGUEL NIETO SL, starts in a craft way at the beginning of 20th century thanks to Inocencio Nieto.

- About 1957, Miguel and Inocencio joined to their father Inocencio in a small factory, building it up with effort and step by step. They manufactured knives without their own mark, for the most prestigious knives shops at that time.

- In 1980 Miguel Nieto Guillén set up on his own with his four sons starting to market his own models and mark "M. NIETO".

- In 1987 they established MIGUEL NIETO SL where the basic key is a reliable quality combining the current technology and tradition.

- The effort, our skilful staff and the trust of our customers turn into the recognition to our mark and that is why we want to say aloud: THANK YOU!

- At weekends on a bike and with a case they went over to the agricultural shows where they sold the spare production.

The result of this it's our satisfaction and the our clients because a welldone product.

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